A Personal Wellbeing Journey – taking on the Body Challenge

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2017 has been an interesting year so far. After trying (and failing) to establish my own business as a Virtual Assistant, I realised at the end of 2016 I’d make a huge mistake! My career as an Exec PA had left me exhausted, unfulfilled and in pretty poor health, causing me to quit my job in 2015. Which begged the question – why was I now trying to do the same thing again from scratch? I’m in my late 40s, if I was going to start a business shouldn’t I be doing something I had real passion for? So earlier this year I started a bit of a journey of self-discovery, a personal wellbeing journey that would (I hoped) benefit my health, and ultimately become a business I could be truly proud of.

For those who’ve been following this journey with me, here’s the next instalment.

A Personal Wellbeing Journey

If you’ve read any of my other articles, you’ll already know about my first tentative steps into mindfulness meditation. My initial goal was to find some inner calm so that I could move on from the disappointment of my failed venture, and identify where to go next.

The realisation came fairly quickly that I wanted to develop a business that focussed on holistic health & wellbeing. Not just physical health but mental and spiritual wellbeing too. And by embarking on this personal wellbeing journey, and addressing my own needs – body, mind and spirit – I could then help others to do the same.

The results so far have been tangible.

  1. Body:
    • I’ve noticed physical changes in my body (by eating more healthily, including supplementing my daily food intake with optimal nutritional support)
    • I’ve transitioned from a sedentary lifestyle and started exercising more (see below for more on that!)
    • I sleep better and wake up less tired and more energised
    • I have fewer headaches and only the occasional migraine (something which has plagued me for years)
  2. Mind:
    • I’m much less anxious or stressed than I have been for a long time (I put this down to daily meditation practice)
    • I see situations differently (I’m more “glass half full” than before!) and am far less prone to overreact
    • My focus is better, I tackle problems with a clearer head
    • My overall mindset has shifted from a place of negativity and self-doubt to one of positivity and self-belief
  3. Spirit:
    • Since starting meditation at the beginning of the year, I feel more “in balance”
    • I have more confidence, in myself and the mission I’m on with Wellbeing…unlimited
    • I am more mindful in all aspects of my life – what I say, how I behave, how I interact with others, what I eat!
    • I’m more fulfilled knowing that my personal wellbeing journey will help me to help others

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly not “Pollyanna” from the minute I wake up! But it’s a journey I’m enjoying, and I’m only just starting out

personal wellbeing journey

So, what’s the next step in this “epic” journey of self-discovery? A 16-week body transformation challenge, of course!

The Next Step – The Isabody Challenge

The Isabody Challenge is a 16-week challenge that combines nutrition, activity, motivation and support to help you transform your body and your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter where you start from, it’s about where you want to be, and what you’re ready to do to get there. (You can read how my husband and I first decided to take on this 16-week challenge in another article).

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My goals when I started the Challenge were to:

  • improve my overall health and wellbeing
  • be more active
  • improve my energy levels
  • reduce my body fat and get more toned by building lean muscle mass

At the time of writing this, I’m 4 weeks in. My energy levels are vastly improved – I’ve stuck to my gym programme rigidly (3-4 times a week, plus 1-2 exercise classes). That in itself is unheard of! I’m not a gym “bunny” but I’ve already started seeing results (more definition in my arms, abs and back!!). I’ve found the long-lost motivation to stick to the plan. I WANT to succeed (and let’s be honest, the £5,000 top prize helps too!).

The thing I love most about the Isabody Challenge is that it’s absolutely tailored to the individual. Your starting point. Your goals. Your lifestyle and commitments. For me, it was about getting fitter, leaner and healthier. For you, it might be weight loss, weight gain, simply having more energy. You may love the gym, or play sports, or you might just fancy joining a walking group. Whatever your goal, if you’re ready to embrace it, this works! And with the help and support of like-minded people, sharing their stories and encouraging you at every step, you’ll be inspired to embrace your full potential too.

I hope this has inspired you to take the first steps in your own wellbeing journey. If you’d like to take on your own Isabody Challenge, get in touch and we’ll work with you to develop your own personal plan.


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