About Us

About us

Hi and thanks for stopping by. You may be wondering what you’ve stumbled upon so if you’ll indulge me, let me first introduce myself and share my story.

About usAfter 20+ years in the corporate world, providing Executive Support services to busy professionals, working hard helping them to build their companies and their dreams, life was – to say the least – unsatisfactory! My working life up to my 30s consisted of years of travelling round the country chasing the next job opportunity. I struggled to put down roots (6 different addresses in 5 years!).  Long dreary daily commutes to and from the office left me with no time or energy to spend with my family or enjoy the things I love. I needed a better lifestyle, fast!

Eventually I came to realise there had to be another way to face the future. I was in a new relationship, and found that the spare time I had was even more precious and there was too little of it. I wanted to spend it with my new partner (now my husband!) and his two amazing children, and grow and bond as a family.

My “lightbulb” moment came with chest pains and a visit to A&E! This turned out to be the best thing that could have happened! It was the catalyst which spurred me into taking back control of my life and address the damage I had been doing to my health and wellbeing for all those years! So that I could enjoy a better lifestyle with my family, now and for the future.

Pursuing the Passion

Before Wellbeing…unlimited, I tried (and failed) to set up my own admin support business. I realised fairly quickly that I’d simply bought myself another job I hated, with all the stress I had before but without the guarantee of a monthly salary! And so I kept looking for the right opportunity.

I had always been interested in health and wellness but as is often the case, life and necessity got in the way. My demanding work life left little time for anything else. And my crazy lifestyle had forced my own health into a downward spiral. So after quitting my job and folding my business, I decided to address that first. I started meditating, looked at what I was eating, my exercise (or lack of it!). And the more I changed in myself, the more I wanted to help others to change too. And slowly but surely, Wellbeing…unlimited was born!

Not only did this give me the opportunity to immerse myself in the wellbeing space, it also gave me my life back. From being a stressed out, exhausted, irritable zombie, I now get to work 10 minutes from home in beautiful Weardale, choose my own hours, spend proper time with my husband and stepchildren. I have bags of energy, I work out and at 49 I’m in my best shape ever (physically and mentally!). AND I get to pursue my passion for wellbeing and share that with others.

So how can I help you?

I understand through my own experience how challenging it is maintaining a healthy lifestyle in today’s hectic world. It may be the same for you right now. Long working hours, limited leisure time, financial stress, anxiety, poor sleep patterns. The proliferation of fast food and the de-naturing of our fresh produce through intensive farming; long storage and transport times, added to the constant exposure to chemicals, pesticides and other toxins. All these have left too many of us overfed and under-nourished.

Even if we feel we have a healthy diet, it’s unlikely we’re getting our daily requirement of all of the healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats, fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants we need to maintain our bodies in peak performance. And that doesn’t mean just sports performance. Our digestive systems are overworked, our organs unable to function as nature intended. We aren’t absorbing the vital nutrients we need, we can’t eliminate the harmful toxins that are slowing us down, keeping us from reaching our full wellness potential.

And what about our working lives? We’re working harder, for less money. Even if the money is great, it too often comes with more responsibility and even longer hours – leaving less (or no) time to spend with family, enjoy ourselves, travel, play, unwind. And it’s why so many people are burned out way before they get to retirement!

I’m lucky enough to have found a solution that can address all of this. And if you recognise yourself in any of this, then I’m excited to share it with you!!

Get active, stay active

We know that exercise is good for our mood. It floods our body with lovely little chemicals that make us feel happy! But the more we put our body through, the more we put it under stress. So it’s essential to look after it on the inside AND the outside. Maintaining a healthy body by keeping your body fat down and building lean, strong muscle tissue, will help keep you injury- and pain-free so you stay active, for longer.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start your wellbeing journey, just get moving. Take a walk, go for a run, get on your bike. Your body AND your mind will thank you for it. If you’re looking for the next step, why not check out our Personal Training & Fitness services.

personal wellbeing journey

Think well, be well

What about our mental and spiritual wellbeing? It’s as important to take care of our minds as it is our bodies. Our 24-hour culture, driven by technology and the need to see all, be all and experience all – virtually if not in reality – mean our brains and senses are constantly under attack! We’ve forgotten how to live in the moment and enjoy just being!

We’ve probably all heard of mindfulness. But it’s not just about sitting cross-legged repeating mantras for hours on end! It can be as simple as putting yourself on pause to take a few deep breaths, and appreciating the moment right now. Being mindful applies to all areas of our lives. What we eat. How we think. How we feel. And how we behave. Learning how to live mindfully can have a dramatic, positive impact on you AND on those around you.

You can read about my personal journey to mindfulness through meditation on our Blog page, where I’ll also be showcasing guest articles from complementary therapy practitioners, to help you discover your own path to mindful living.


There is another way

We have dreams as kids. To be a vet, a fireman, an astronaut! But all too often we’re told we’re thinking too big. We’re programmed from school age to take a certain path in life. So when that path doesn’t turn out how we imagined, or we haven’t realised our dreams, we give up on them. I’ve been lucky enough to discover that this isn’t the case. That there IS another way to live, to work. To build financial freedom and believe that dreams can come true! And I’m blessed to have the opportunity to help others do the same.

Ask yourself this question: “If you could create one breakthrough in any area of your life right now, what would it be?

Are you in a position to do that in your current situation? Perhaps I can show you a way, if you’re open to taking a look.

Be your best you!

Here at Wellbeing…unlimited, we truly believe that everyone can and should be living their best life. It’s our aim to help you to do just that. Our mission is to positively impact the wellbeing of the planet, one person at a time. To help people with their physical AND financial health.

Whether it’s achieving physical wellbeing through our Personal Training and balanced nutrition programmes, general hints and tips for a healthier body and mind, or improving your financial situation, we hope that you too can discover your own path to unlimited health and wellbeing. So you can be your best you.

We hope you’ll come back often. In the meantime, we’ve added some new information to our Products/Services page, so why not nip over there and have a browse?

If you’d like more information on how to improve any aspects of your life right now, simply get in touch via our Contact page.