About Me

Hi and thanks for stopping by. You may be wondering what you’ve stumbled upon so if you’ll indulge me, let me first introduce myself and share my story.

About usAfter 20+ years in the corporate world, providing Executive Support services to busy professionals, working hard helping them to build their companies and their dreams, life was – to say the least – unsatisfactory! My working life up to my 30s consisted of years of travelling round the country chasing the next job opportunity. I struggled to put down roots (6 different addresses in 5 years!). ┬áLong dreary daily commutes to and from the office left me with no time or energy to spend with my family or enjoy the things I love. I was tetchy, tired and completely uninspired! I needed a better lifestyle, fast!

I eventually realised there had to be another way to face the future. I was in a new relationship, and found that the spare time I had was even more precious and there was too little of it. I wanted to spend it with my new partner (now my husband!) and his two amazing children, and grow and bond as a family.

My “lightbulb” moment came with chest pains and a visit to A&E! What I genuinely feared was a heartattack turned out to be stress. It also turned out to be the best thing that could have happened! It was the catalyst which spurred me into taking back control of my life and addressing the damage I had been doing to my health and wellbeing for all those years.

Pursuing the Passion

Before Wellbeing…unlimited, I tried (and failed) to set up my own virtual admin support business. I realised fairly quickly that I’d simply bought myself another job I hated, with all the stress I had before but without the guarantee of a monthly salary! And so I kept looking for the right opportunity.

I had always been interested in health and wellness but, as is often the case, life and necessity got in the way. My demanding work life left little time for anything else. And my crazy lifestyle had forced my own health into a downward spiral. So after quitting my job and folding my business, I decided to address that first. I started meditating, looked at what I was eating, my exercise (or lack of it!). And the more positive changes I made in myself, the more I wanted to help others to change too. And slowly but surely, Wellbeing…unlimited was born!

Not only did this give me the opportunity to immerse myself in the wellbeing space, it also gave me my life back. From being a stressed out, exhausted, irritable zombie, I now get to work 10 minutes from home in beautiful Weardale, choose my own hours, and spend proper time with my husband and stepchildren. I discovered (and have now partnered with) a company that provides the best health food products available that have (literally!) transformed my life! I now have bags of energy, I work out daily, and at 50+ I’m in my best shape ever (physically and mentally!). AND I get to pursue my passion for optimal health and wellbeing and share that with others.

How can I help?

If you’d like more information on how to improve any aspects of your life right now, simply get in touch via the Contact page.