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Here at Wellbeing…unlimited, we like a challenge. And we like our followers to join in and challenge themselves too. To be the best version of you. To feel at your optimal best…for life!

From this page you can access online activities, like our “Jump into January” 1-exercise-per-day challenge (you don’t have to wait till January to get started – click on the Daily Exercise Challenge link below!!) or sign up for our 8-week or 16-week body transformation programmes.

So if you have an event coming up – wedding, significant birthday, holiday, party – and you don’t quite feel at your best, or you feel the need to challenge yourself to better health and wellbeing with a focused, structured programme, check out the list below and get started TODAY!

New Year New You
Fall back in love with your favourite jeans

New Year New You!

Show up Shape Up
You have to show up to shape up!

Show Up, Shape Up

Isabody challenge
Imagine what YOU could achieve in 16 weeks…

Isabody Challenge

Jump into January
Take on the daily exercise challenge – starts January 1st!

Jump into January