My IsaBody Challenge – done!

IsaBody Challenge

So, here we are. If you’ve followed my progress since embarking on this 16-week Challenge back in May, firstly thank you for sticking with me! Secondly, I did it! I made it through my first Isabody Challenge and achieved my goals of transforming my body and my health. And perhaps more importantly, redressing the balance in my life and bringing myself back to where I should be.

How It All Started

Before I heard about this Challenge, I was tired, stressed, and trying to decide what to do with the rest of my life. Dealing with the failure of a previous business left me doubting my ability to be successful at anything. My self-confidence was at rock bottom, and my health was suffering as a result. Having been a keen runner for many years, I suddenly couldn’t find the energy to exercise, which just added to the downward spiral of my negative mindset.

Then a few months ago I was introduced to Isagenix, the company who run the Isabody Challenge, by my best friend. She saw it as a potential business opportunity for us both and I agreed it could fit well with my vision for Wellbeing…unlimited. But first I had to see if the products worked for me. I knew they produced amazing weight loss results but I didn’t need to lose weight. I just wanted to feel healthier, have more energy and get a bit leaner. If I’m honest I wasn’t entirely convinced I could build a business from it, because my product result wouldn’t be as “visible” as others who’d experienced incredible weight loss. But I figured if the products worked for me, then if nothing else at least I’d benefit from better health.

My Isabody Challenge Journey

I have been chronicling my journey since the very beginning. What prompted me to get started and adopt a more holistic approach to my health and wellbeing. And my transition to a more balanced, calm, mindful person after just four weeks! I won’t regurgitate it all here, so feel free to read it at your leisure. I hope it brings some inspiration.

I started the Isabody Challenge mainly to see if I could finish it! My lack of self-belief had made me quit so many other projects before I’d completed them – before I could fail at them! – and I wanted to see if I could turn this mindset around. My results have been amazing! It may not be as visible to other people (with my clothes on at least!). But the way I feel, physically AND mentally, has had a profound effect on me (and OK, showing off my new biceps is a bit of a kick!).

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Next steps

To complete the Challenge, to feel good in myself, to have achieved my goals of feeling healthier, with incredible energy, and a leaner body shape has hugely impacted my self-belief.

So is this the end? Absolutely not! I’m signing up for the next Isabody Challenge over the next few days. I want to maintain my health, my fitness and my energy levels, of course. But I also want to see what I can achieve in another 16 weeks. I’ve never been great at setting long-term huge goals. I find them overwhelming and difficult to really visualise. But breaking them down into bite-size (16-week) chunks is more than manageable. Which means I stay on track and focused on getting my desired results.

I’ve recently started a Personal Trainer programme (a huge step forward from the terrified gym-goer of 16 weeks ago!) so that I can offer my customers a more rounded, holistic wellbeing experience. And show them that if I can do it, they can too.

Who’s the Isabody Challenge for?

For those of you reading this thinking “I hate the gym”, I wasn’t a gym lover before this! I was intimidated walking into a gym, and preferred the solitude of running. And if you think you’re too long in the tooth for this sort of “project”, I know exactly how you feel! At 48 I thought it was too late to start thinking about a major life transformation. But that’s all changed. I’ve learnt a lot about myself over the last 16 weeks. My focus now is on helping others to improve their health and wellbeing. To share my experiences so that they can achieve their own transformation, whatever that looks like for them.

I’ve also learned a lot from the experiences of others. I had a great online support network, through forums like Facebook and Whatsapp, to help keep me going. What I learned from others doing their own Challenge is that it’s not about hitting the gym 5 times a week, or pounding the streets for miles and miles. It’s about finding the level that works for you, so you can achieve your own goals. It’s about changing a few small things in your life. Eating better. Moving more. And you do it with support, motivation and encouragement every step of the way. WHERE you start isn’t important. It’s about what you can achieve for YOU in those 16 weeks.

I genuinely feel that my own experience of starting and completing the Isabody Challenge can help others who may be struggling with their own doubts and challenges. To be their partner in achieving better wellbeing, for body, mind and spirit. That was my vision for starting Wellbeing…unlimited. I’m another step closer. So are you ready to start?

Special thanks

At this point, I must pay credit to a number of people. Firstly, to Hil, my bezzie pal, for introducing me to these amazing products and for always believing in me (even when I don’t!). To Darren Edwards, my personal trainer, who’s training plans and expertise have guided me through this whole journey. And to the amazing Isagenix community, who are always there to offer support and advice whenever it’s needed.

IsaBody Challenge

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