Jump into January Days 29 to 31

Jump into January

You’re almost there! You’ve stayed with it for 4 weeks and you should be feeling AMAZING by now! Only 3 more days to go and you’ll have 31 great individual exercises that you can build into a fantastic workout. Target a specific muscle group or body area, or go for the full-body workout. It’s your choice. Just remember to push yourself, work to your limits and listen to your body!

Here’s your Week 4 round-up:

  • Side Lunges
  • V-sits
  • Plank Step-ups
  • Squat Jumps
  • Curtsy Lunges
  • Hip Lift
  • Hot Hands

Try side lunges and squat jumps to really work the legs / glutes. Or pair plank step-ups and “Hot Hands” to work the abs and build strength in your core.

Day 29 – Double Leg Circles

Double Leg CirclesDouble Leg Circles1. You’ll need the mat / towel for this one and your timer – set it to 20 seconds

2. Lie on your back with your arms by your side

3. Raise both legs and point them towards the ceiling

4. Keeping your legs straight and your core locked, rotate both legs in a circle from left to right

5. Continue this for 20 seconds, then change direction and repeat for a further 20 seconds

6. Keep your pelvis tilted upwards so that your lower back maintains contact with the floor

7. Try to keep your legs straight throughout

8. Remember to breathe deeply!

9. See the video demo if you need more help

Day 30 – Straight-Arm Spiderman Plank

Straight Arm Spiderman Plank1. You’ll need your mat / towel for this one

2. Get into the straight arm plank position

3. Bracing through your core, and keeping your back flat, bring your left knee up to the outside of your left elbow

4. Return the leg to the starting position and repeat on the other side

5. Continue this until you’ve completed a minimum of 10 reps on each side

Straight Arm Spiderman Plank6. Keep your back as straight as you can – engage your abs to maintain position

7. Keep your shoulders forward over your wrists throughout

8. Remember to breathe deeply!

9. Watch the video guide for further guidance

10. Don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing and footwear!

Day 31 – Burpees

BurpeesBurpees1. You’ll need your mat / towel and timer for this one. Set it to 40 seconds (or more, if you’re feeling energetic!)

2. Start by standing with feet together

3. Place your hands on the floor then jump both feet back so you’re in the straight-arm plank position

4. Jump both feet back in while looking forwards, then power through the legs and jump up, reaching your arms to the ceiling

Burpees5. Continue this for 40 seconds (choose a pace that pushes you)

6. If you want to add in an extra element of difficulty, add in a press up from the plank before jumping your feet back in

7. If you struggle with this exercise, then step your feet out and back one at a time instead of jumping them together and stand up rather than jump

8. Watch the video demo for more info

So that’s it. The end of our Jump into January journey together. But don’t think you have to wait till next January to do this challenge! Pick a start date (today is an ideal one!) and get moving.

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Till the next challenge…