My Body Transformation Challenge – 8 weeks in

isabody Body Transformation Challenge

As those of you who follow this blog will know, I started on a personal journey to holistic wellbeing a short while ago. Part of this journey was to take on a 16-week body transformation challenge which I was introduced to by our chosen nutrition partners, Isagenix. Why? To redress the imbalances in my life and to bring myself back to where I should be, physically, mentally and spiritually.

I’m now at the halfway point, and (as I committed to in an earlier article) I want to share my story (and remain accountable!) by posting regular updates. Here’s my 8-week progress report.

My Body Transformation Challenge Progress Report

So, eight weeks in to my Isabody Challenge, and I’m honestly feeling pretty good. The fatigue and lethargy that dominated my daily life are a distant memory. I’m energised, alert, focused. And more astounding than that, I’m motivated to get out and get active!

Thanks to my trainer, Darren Edwards of DE Personal Training, I have an exercise programme that I can stick to and that pushes me to my limits and beyond!. Supported by the great nutrition I get from the Isagenix products*, I’m losing body fat while building lean muscle mass. My recovery after my workouts is testament to the power of getting the highest quality protein throughout the day. I don’t ache and I’m ready to train the next day. In fact I have so much energy and stamina, I often forget to have my rest days! My body’s changing shape (yes, I have muscles!!), and at 48 years old I’m in the best shape of my life!

My exercise regime consists of gym workouts 4-5 days a week, and 2 exercise classes (Darren’s are great fun, and key for me as I get to mix with other people and have a giggle, when I can pause for breath!). Being in the gym can be a lonely time as nobody’s up for much conversation with 20kg of barbell resting on their shoulders!

I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with Darren on this Challenge and he deserves a mention! He understands my needs, my goals, and he’s taken the time to get to know my likes, dislikes, and my limits (so he knows how to push me beyond them!). My body doesn’t have time to get “bored” as my gym plan changes every few weeks.

I also have the support of others who are participating in the Challenge. We have social media groups where we share our highs (and lows), we get advice, hints and tips and, more importantly, encouragement to ensure we get the best results possible and stay on track.

What I’ve learned

I’ve learned a lot about myself these past 8 weeks. I’m stronger (mentally as well as physically) than I thought. My focus has improved immensely (in a previous life I would have been bored way before now, or lost the belief that I could do it, and given up).

Even if I don’t win, or make the finals, I have a huge sense of personal achievement. I have come further than I thought I would. I’ve been more persistent AND consistent in completing my daily training sessions and remained accountable to my trainer and to those who are supporting me (posting photos of me semi-clad on Facebook and in this blog has been a huge step beyond my comfort zone! But then, stepping outside of your comfort zone makes your comfort zone bigger!).

Body Transformation Challenge
Not a happy bunny at the start (first image). The transformation results so far are not just physical!

I’ve also learned that if I can do this, anyone can. Before this, I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep. I was out of shape but with no motivation to do anything about it. 16 weeks seemed like a lifetime, but I learned to just stay focused, one day at a time, and celebrate every step towards my goal. It’s true, there have been days when I’ve thought “no, not again!”. But they’re the days that mean the most. When you have to force yourself to leave the house and go to the gym. When you push yourself to do that extra rep. Or lift that heavier weight. They’re the ones that matter.

They’re the days when you can really be proud. That’s when you see what you’re really made of. That’s nutrition for the mind and the spirit! And so you keep going.

So who is this Body Transformation Challenge for?

Everybody! What I love most about this challenge is that it’s not about the starting point. It’s about what you can achieve, how you can transform yourself, in the 16 weeks. It’s not necessary to engage the services of a Personal Trainer. It’s not about joining a gym. It could be as simple as taking the stairs each day to the office instead of the lift. Or getting off the bus a stop earlier than normal. Walking to the shops instead of taking the car (guilty as charged!). It might be joining a local walking group (or starting one!). It’s about setting personal goals, and then committing to them. Saying “YES” to changing your life. Being prepared to change what you do and who you are right now, to become who you want to be.

So what are your personal wellbeing goals? Is it healthy weight loss? Is it about just having more energy, being more active and loving who you are? Is it, like me, about saying no to a sedentary, lazy lifestyle and yes to a leaner, fitter, happier you?

Transformations of any kind require action and commitment. They require belief and vision. What you get with this body transformation challenge is the best nutritional support so your body can work at its best. A community of like-minded people will support and motivate you. You’ll get product vouchers just for completing the challenge. And, if you’re lucky enough to be the winner of the Challenge, you’ll receive the top prize of £5,000!!

But more than that, you’ll have an amazing sense of achievement in sticking to your goals and becoming the best version of you.

Now you can’t put a price on that!

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* I use products from the Energy & Performance range to support my Body Transformation Challenge

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