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Are you looking to be more active? Feel more energised? Reduce body fat, gain muscle, have a leaner body shape? Perhaps you’re aiming for a particular event, or working towards a personal goal, and want to step up your personal training regimen to maximise your results.

Many of us want to improve our health – which often simply means eating better and moving more.

But the thought of joining a busy “muscle” gym (and paying for stuff we don’t use!!) fills many of us with fear and dread (especially we ladies of a certain age!!)!

If that’s the case, I can help! Whether you just want a basic, starter exercise programme, a small group class, or you’re looking for 1-to-1 personal training services, I can offer an informal, more intimate environment in the heart of beautiful Weardale, where you can feel comfortable and fully supported as we work together on your fitness and wellbeing goals.

Personal training
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Hi, I’m Debbie. I’m a Personal Trainer and Body Transformation Coach. But not very long ago I was a very different person. I was tired, unmotivated, and out of shape. As a keen runner for most of my adult life, my busy lifestyle and lack of exercise was taking its toll.

Various life challenges were resulting in poor food choices and even poorer sleep patterns.

I realised something had to change.

“For things to change, YOU have to change”

Personal Training

The great Jim Rohn said that. And it’s true. The top two photos are me at the start of 2017. OK, so I may look in alright shape. But what you can’t see is the tiredness, the lack of “oomph”, and the total dissatisfaction with how I felt. I knew I didn’t want to crawl into my 50s feeling like this!

So I took on the Isabody Challenge, a 16-week body transformation programme combining balanced nutrition and a personalised plan of activity. This was the day I changed my life.

I won’t lie, it wasn’t all plain sailing. I wasn’t a fan of going to the gym and my motivation floundered! But when the going got tough, I remembered WHY I was doing it. And with the support of my trainer and a group of like-minded people, I kept going.

Every little improvement gave me a big boost. I knew I was another step closer to my health and wellbeing goals. To being the best version of me!

The bottom two photos are of me at the end of the 16 weeks. I’m pretty pleased with the results. Not just on the outside, although at 50+ I’m in my best shape ever!

My overall health and wellbeing has dramatically improved…body, mind and spirit!

You know the biggest thing I learned during this Challenge? When it comes to your health goals, it’s NOT about where you start. It’s about what YOU can achieve if you stay focussed, believe in yourself, and keep going.

Physically, mentally, whatever YOUR personal goals are, by incorporating small changes into your life, you can achieve amazing transformations.

But the key is you have to START!

You can’t exercise away a bad diet!

Through Wellbeing…unlimited, I adopted an holistic approach to wellbeing. What does that mean? That you have to approach your health with a “whole” approach. You need to care for the body, the mind and the spirit! For life! Exercise is only 20% of the equation. The other 80% is about how you nourish your body, as well as how you nourish your mind.

A key ingredient is what you are putting in your body. In recent months, I changed the way I was eating and fuelling my body and have now opted for a low carb approach. Its working for me – I feel leaner, cleaner, more energised! My joints don’t creak so much, and I feel less bloated.

But I appreciate this approach doesn’t suit everyone. So as an alternative for those who find the low carb/keto lifestyle isn’t for them, or who need a more structured guided healthy eating plan, I recommend Isagenix, who provide packaged tailored nutrition solutions. They use only the best naturally-sourced ingredients. AND they don’t add in anything your body can’t use or benefit from.

Whether your goals is weight management, energy improvement or to support your active lifestyle, if you’re looking to change the way you fuel your body, let’s talk and find the best nutrition solution for you. Whichever way you choose, you’ll get my personal support, motivation and guidance to ensure you get the best results possible.

What’s YOUR goal?

Whether you want to take on a fitness Challenge, or you’re just looking to make a few small adjustments to improve your overall wellbeing, if you’re ready to get started I’m looking forward to working with you as your personal Transformation Coach.

Through my Wellbeing…unlimited Fitness & Nutrition services, I’m making it my mission to help you get there.

If I can do it, YOU can do it!

Personal Training & Wellbeing Services

One-to-one and two-to-one PT sessions*

Group fitness classes

Personally-tailored exercise plans (for home or gym)

8-week, 12-week and 16-week body transformation programmes

Nutrition advice, food diary analysis and nutrition planning

*Discounts available on block bookings

Fitness Gift Certificates available

Debbie’s classes are great, come along and get in shape, have a giggle too. You feel wonderful afterwards.”Mary A

Excellent fitness classes…Debbie is a brilliant instructor. I have gone from no exercise to loving these classes, well worth it. Kathryn L-O

Great class with loads of great people. Debbie makes sure there’s no slacking! Jenna C

Personal Training services

We’re based in Stanhope, in the heart of beautiful Weardale. We’re sure you’ll love sharing your wellbeing journey with us in this informal, relaxed environment.


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