From “side hustle” to entrepreneur

network marketing

How is your financial health? Are you living your best life? And if not, what are the areas of your life you’d like to improve?

So what’s stopping you? Fear of change? Stuck in a rut? For many, it’s often a case of lack of funds. Most of us could do with a little extra money. To put towards a holiday. To allow us to enjoy a hobby, or get out and about more with the family. To plan for a better, more comfortable retirement. Or maybe just to cover those unexpected bills that seem to appear when we can least afford them.

But if you’re already working full time, or trying to manage part-time around family commitments, that’s easier said than done! Trading even more of our precious time for money just isn’t feasible. It feels like an impossible dream!

There is another way!

But what if there was another way to make an extra income, without sacrificing what little “spare” time you have? What if you could help others to do the same simply by sharing something you love? In this era of social media, where we’re all connected, you can reach more people than ever before. There’s nothing stopping you from building a global business from the comfort of your phone!!

Let us explain…….

From side hustle to budding entrepreneur – what’s your goal?

Welcome to an industry that has more than proven itself over the last 70 years! Bigger than the global music industry, it is the most efficient, effective, simple way to introduce products and services to consumers. No need to open a shop or hold stock; no employees; no big start-up costs or heavy overheads like most traditional businesses.

And with our company, Isagenix, you get to share the gift of health and wellbeing while being part of a global community of like-minded people, with the backing and support of a 17-year-old family-run company with a steadfast culture of “customer first” and “no compromise quality”!

So what’s the catch?

You have to put aside any pre-conceived ideas you may have about this profession (and it IS a real profession!). If you want to “get rich quick”, or make money for no effort, this isn’t for you. However, if this has piqued your interest, if you’re prepared to keep an open mind and find out for yourself if this could be for you, then get in touch using the Contact form and we’ll send you some information.

What do you have to lose simply by taking a look? It could be the opportunity you’ve been searching for. And if not this…then what?

If someone offers you a great opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say “yes” then learn how to do it later” Richard Branson (a self-confessed “tremendous believer in network marketing“!)